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The Many Faces of Keanu

Yes: The Complete Guide to Keanu's facial expressions. :D
My favorite is at the very end.



Breif thoughts:

Room is cold. Front Desk is cold. Arms are freezing.
x.x It was so warm an hour ago! I don't want to wear a jacket over my costume tonight!

Who else misses trick or treating? :(
I still remember the night my parents forbade me to go trick-or-treating again (I think i was 15 or 16). ;_~ 

Back after dinner.


*** + + + Happy 4th everyone!!! + + +  ***

^_^v I hope everyone had a good one last night. I watched the fireworks over at the mall yesterday, and lit some really cool (and cute) sparklers. What did everyone else do? 

Yesterday I also had the joy of (being forced into) watching Clerks 2! .... >_> ....
I never saw the first one (nor any of Kevin Smith's other movies) mind you.
It was funny, at some points(silly discussions of fanboyisms), but about as points as I figured it would turn out to be. 

High points
include the dorkyness (of which I can relate) of Elias, and some of the slapstick physical humor. 
Lowpoints: the entire second half of the film; teh threaded "interspecies erotica" joke, which was (thankfully) much tamer than I first expected. 
Overall, I guess its good to know what all the hype was about. has anyone else seen Clerks 2?


Keeping friends:

This is a neat and well-explained article I found today while sfeeling a litle sad and surfing around- although you may not feel curious about it now, perhaphs you at sometime in the future and its always good to have as referance.

It's one thing to start a friendship, it's quite another to maintain it, to keep it, to stay on what Lewis called "the same secret path." Even strong friendships require watering or they shrivel up and blow away. That's why George Bernard Shaw touched an exposed nerve when we read the words he scribbled to his friend Archibald Henderson: "I have neglected you shockingly of late. This is because I have had to neglect everything that could be neglected without immediate ruin, and partly because you have passed into the circle of intimate friends whose feelings one never dreams of considering."

It's so easy to take good friends for granted. And in a sense, we should. Like a comfortable pair of gloves, old friends wear well. But friendships that suffer from busyness and overfamiliarity can't afford to be neglected too long. They need renewal. If you want and need to keep true friendship alive and well, please, consider and think over a list of the most important qualities offered to help you. Probably it will help you to understand why you and your best friend haven't called up for ages, why you're getting embarrassed while being asked "Whom are you going to have fun this weekend with?" Like Shaw, you may neglect your intimate friends from time to time, but if you fail to cultivate these qualities—loyalty, forgiveness, honesty, and dedication—you can't expect to keep true friends.

The quality that tops the list in survey after survey of what people appreciate most about their friends is loyalty - support that you always give to someone because of your feelings of duty and love towards them. 

Harry Truman's secretary of state, Dean Acheson, caused quite a stir when he visited his friend Alger Hiss in prison. Hiss was a convicted traitor, and it was bad politics to have any association with him. But when prudent politicians condemned Acheson publicly, Acheson simply said, "A friend does not forsake a friend just because he is in jail." That's loyalty.

The famous maxim that "a friend in need is a friend indeed" is not the entire story of loyalty, however. A friend in triumph may be even harder to find. Isn't it easier to be a savior than a cheerleader for our friends? It takes twenty-four-karat loyalty for a friend to soar alongside us when we are flying high rather than to bring us down to earth. Loyal friends not only lend a hand when you're in need; they applaud your successes and cheer you on without envy when you prosper.

As important as loyalty is, our friendships don't always have it. Enter forgiveness. Every friend you'll ever have will eventually disappoint you. Count on it. That doesn't mean that every offense of a friend requires forgiveness; some slights need only be overlooked and forgotten. Winston Churchill's mother, Jennie, understood this when she said, "Treat your friends as you do your pictures, and place them in their best light."

Too many good relationships fade because some slight - real or imagined - cancels it out. Some people pout, brood, or blow up if their friend is not speedy enough in returning a phone call or if they are not included in a social event. They set such high standards for the relationship that they're constantly being disappointed. They can't let little things go, every minor lapse becomes a betrayal.

By the way, forgiveness is a two-way street. Unless you are a saint, you are bound to offend - intentionally or unintentionally - every friend deeply at least once in the course of time, and if the relationship survives it will be because your friend forgives, the friends we keep the longest are the friends who forgave us the most. And the essence of true friendship is knowing what to overlook.

Honesty is a prerequisite to the true friends' relationship. "Genuine friendship cannot exist where one of the parties is unwilling to hear the truth," says Cicero, "and the other is equally indisposed to speak it." Does this require brutal honesty? Not exactly. It requires honesty that is carefully dealt in the context of respect. In the absence of respect, you see, honesty is a lethal weapon. Perhaps that's what caused Cicero to add, "Remove respect from friendship and you have taken away the most splendid ornament it possesses." Honesty is not only expressed in words; it means being authentic.
True friends aren't afraid to be honest and they aren't afraid to be themselves. True friends follow Emerson's advice: "Better be a nettle in the side of your friend than his echo." Translation: If you are afraid of making enemies, you'll never have true friends.

When was the latest you and your best friend met? Dedication refers to the ability of two people to influence each other's plans, thoughts, actions, and emotions, to spend time and effort on friendship, to give up something important or valuable for sake of friendship. Think about it. 

Back when you are a kid, the hours spent with friends were too numerous to count. Contemporary life, with its tight schedules and crowded appointment books, however, has forced most friendships into something requiring a good deal of intentionally and pursuit just to keep them going. 

Of course, dedication becomes most salient in times of crisis. When a friend's emotional bottoming out, for example, means canceling a date to provide a shoulder of support. That's what friends are for. So don't complain about having fair-weather friends if you are unwilling to be inconvenienced.
Personal sacrifice. Selfless devotion. Commitment. These are the noble qualities dedication requires.


*very happy* ^_^v As of 9:00 today (even though I wasn't awake at the time), I'm 20 now!!! <3 ( ^^ I feel like its crept up on me.)

Eeeeya... *sweatdrop* I'm not completely free though- I have to work today from 12 to 4 at the downstairs desk. : P

But anyways, Finals Week ended for me as of this past Thursday and I'm super-glad that is over. ><;
I had a tennis extra-credit and test on Monday, Sucess class paper on Tuesday, huge Rusian final Wenesday and Women's Studies paper Thursday... then, on top of that, I had to go pay bills, do errands and stuff on Friday, which is usually my day off. x.X;;; Too much has piled up for me to do in general... and it took about 2 days to recover fully from the stress over the weekdays. ...Luckily, I'm not taking classes during Maymester- ^^ I can't wait for the time off.

What has everyone been up to this weekend?

@-@ Eeeee...email!

I need my email!!! X(
My school's email system has been down since 10PM last night... Of the few times that I really need to it to send luv to a certain bunch, it is down!

Supposedly, it was to come back at 1PM today, but the IT peeps next door to the Circ desk (where I am now) say otherwise: now it won't be back til 4~... @_@;;;

Only sleeping...! ^_^

Lalala~ My only regret is that half the day was already gone by the time I got up. 

This afternoon was rather interesting though; I watched Dad chop down one of the pines in our yard near the lake edge. As much as I hated the idea, he figures that eventually it could fall on our house... x.x;;

A little while later, Mom showed me how to torch creme brulee! (Already, I can think of at least 1 person who also might like to know how. ^^v)
I will keep you updated as to how it turned out. :)

"Just to prove you do..."

Damn, thats a depressing song... ._.


Cry me a River- Julie London (V for Vendetta)

X-mas list!

Here's my Chistmas List... ^^;; I'm sorry it took so long, but don't worry about what day or time it arrives; I already owe many of you for missed days... <3

Time After Time
Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
Brini Maxwell Show season 1

iTunes ($10) certificate
Nightmare Before X-mas (new version)

2 Pounds of Imported Chocolate Truffles
Cadbury Flakes
melon gummies

Trigun maximum #8


I'm at work right now, but since nothing is going on with the phones, I'm free for a little while.

^^ How was everyone's Thanksgiving Break? On Wednesday, my Uncle Mike and Aunt Elena came down from NC to help cook.
Elena brought some very tasty pumpkin turnovers, tamales (which I can't wait to eat next weekend) and apple cider.

Yesterday, I went with my good friend (Mergy) and my sister to see The Prestige; it was my second time seeing it since going with Robert...
^_^ It was just as awesome as the first viewing, and I feel like I understand a lot more about the complete story too!

On a more personal note, I haven't felt quite like myself these past 2 weeks... There are a lot of social/emotional things from school that have been bothering me, so I'm seriously considering finding a therapist to chat it over with...and to figure out whether I did the right thing for the situation...

By the way, I miss talking to you particular 3 very, very much.