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I supose these things happen...

Red Stampede101
Red_stampede101 has blue/green eyes, and mid-legth uneven hair. One of her favorite hobbies is cosplaying as well as watching old movies, talking, philosophizing, working with Adobe Photoshop, and ogling cute actors! ♥! Currently, she is in her 4th year of college...

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"Little Miss Female, you should feel quite proud of the situation. You of course realize it's predominantly men who design your clothes, your jewelry, your makeup, your hair styling, your perfume." - Ed Wood 'Glen or Glenda'

"The 21st chapter is how life works- it is the exact truth. You do something for a while, then it goes wrong, you stop, you start again.. but its never the same and you get bored and do something else. You move on. You grow up. If you don't- you are screwed." -A Clockwork Orange database

"When the road's dark
We can both despise
P'licemen and 'lamps' as well;
There are 'bright lights’
In the dazzling eyes
Of beautiful Daisy Bell!" -Harry Dacre 'Daisy Daisy'- 2001: A Space Odyssey